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Cell fixation and staining

Fixation for electron microscopy – a classic book that discusses the effects of the various fixation methods on ultrastructure and biochemical properties of cells


Basic Methods in Microscopy. Protocols and Concepts from Cells: A Laboratory Manual


Salmon Lab protocols, UNC


Mitchison Lab protocols

Abcam protocols and webinars for immunofluorescence, fixation, microscopy


Fixation of GFP

Fluorescent fusion proteins have revolutionized examination of proteins in living cells. Still, studies using these proteins are met with criticism because proteins are modified and ectopically expressed, in contrast to immunofluorescence studies. However, introducing immunoreagents inside cells can cause protein extraction or relocalization, not reflecting the in vivo situation. Here we discuss pitfalls of immunofluorescence labeling and argue that immunostaining experiments should be complemented with live-cell imaging.


Phalloidin-DMSO for actin protocol is excellent for endoplasmic / deep cytoplasmic actin populations.


Optimizing Leading Edge F-Actin Labeling Using Multiple Actin Probes, Fixation Methods and Imaging Modalities


High-quality immunofluorescence of cultured cells


Fix Your Membrane Receptor Imaging: Actin Cytoskeleton and CD4 Membrane Organization Disruption by Chemical Fixation


About samples, giving examples: Optimized Single Molecule Localization Microscopy

Cryo-ET review

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